How to do hair straightening at home

Hair straightening at Home:

If you want to straight the your curly hairs and also want for a long period, your hairs are straight for 4 to 8 months with this method. This cream WELLA STRATE STRONG is used for hair straightening.

Method of hair straightening: 

First of all brushes the hair smoothly till that the back coming is end. After brush the hair give a haircut accordingly to the client choice. Usually these hair cut are common in fashion, U cut, V cut, Shaggy cut, Round shape, Straight cut , step cut, layer cut.

After give a haircut then apply WELLA STRATE STRONG cream at the hair and again brush the hair. Cream will be set at the hair and the hair will be straight.

After 45 minute wash the hair with warm water so that all the cream will remove from the hairs. After wash the hairs, comb the hair for 10 minutes smoothly so that the water runs off and hair will dry. Then dry the hair with a towel and dry it. Remember these hairs are not dry with hair dryer. After dry the hair leave them for 5 minutes.


After hair straightening the hairs are not washed for next 3 to 4 days nor should be apply Henna at hairs. Use WELLA STRATE STRONG cream 1cm above from skin so that does not affect the skin.

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