How to make Face Base at Home or Parlour


Face base is made in the following ways:

First off all cleansing face and neck gently with cleansing milk. After cleansing remove the cleansing milk with cotton. If the skin is oily then wash the face with water. After wash the face or cleansing, get some cotton and dip the cotton in skin tonic and apply on the face.

Let it dry for some time. After drying the face, apply Pen Stick on face and neck in patches and properly set the Pen Stick on face and neck. Look at the face of bride if some part of face look pressed then apply rough on it after applying rough on it these parts of face looks highlighted.

For the dark circles use liquid Foundation and face powder mixed with each other than apply this on dark circles. Apply Foundation at the face and neck in the form of patches. Then mix it with fingers and set it. Use Face Powder at face and neck with Makeup puff. Now finish the Makeup base and after take pending makeup. 
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