How to Apply Eye Shadow / Are you eyes Healthy


Eye is great blessing of God. And no one can deny it. If a person has calm around the world and he is blinded by eyes, then he is incomplete. Without eyes his life is incomplete. Without eyes its life is insufficient. But it is very sad that some people do not properly care this blessing and later they regret on it. Come on; let me tell you how to care this blessing.

Are your eyes healthy? 
When the eyes turn off, appear black and white. Let’s know your eyes are healthy and when you see a variety of colorful hole during eyes turn off, know that your eye is not healthy and you have disease in your eyes. 
Today, eyes makeup is growing rapidly in women. But they do not know what to do to keep them healthy. You have seen that in the eyes of many women, which called some defect, they arrive. When they start coming, let’s know that the eyes are not healthy. Apart from this, when the eyes red and when the sunshine put on eye suddenly we felt electric current in our eyes. Lot off water come from eyes, Eye swelling, dark spot coming from front of eyes these are all the things that show that your eyes are not healthy.  


EYE SHADOWS are available in extreme types of colors and it's definitely a tough step to choose any favorite color between them. This step is more difficult at this time when you have little bit mistake to select the eye shadow and this mistake makes your makeup defective. And you keep thinking that despite being so cautious then how did you get rid of this mistake.
Choosing Eye shadows according to your Eyes is a difficult task. There are no specific rules defined in this regard. You have to do a lot of experiments to find the most suitable eye shadow according to the color of your eyes. So when you select the suitable eye shadow then you received calm in your body because it is so difficult to select suitable eye shadow according to our eye.


Now we start that how we can eye shadows. Through eye Shadow, you can provide different feedback to your face. Eyes are the most important part of the face and makeup that we done on them, can also be said to be the most significant about their effect.

Although the lip stick lips draws attention to the watcher's attention immediately but the eyes have an effect that is gradually deeper and affects the recipient in a long time


The general principle of imaging shadow is that four different shades are used.  
    1.   A mild color Eye Shadow Base
    2.   A central color for the sake of highlight the dark color
And Light colors for non-highlight. Apart from this, using a convex mirror is very good during eye shadow.

You can easily find out in convex mirror that how you make up your eyes well. Also, different types of brushes should also be present in your makeup table so that you can blend your eye shadow very well.

Steps of Eye Shadow:

Step 1:
Apply a special Eye Foundation from the Eyelid to the Eyebrow and then apply Eye foundation from upper Eyelashes to Eyebrow.

Step 2:
Then Rub the skin with the help of finger so that foundation will mix with skin and wait for a while so it may be dry.

Step 3:
With the help of large eye shadow brush, apply a moderate base color eye shadow color from eyelashes to eyelids.

Step 4:
And apply blend over the edges of eye. To give eyes a dramatic effect, leave this shadow line in this way. While getting the effect of relaxation then blend well with the help of cotton piece or use big brush.

Step 5:
Using a small brush, apply the deep shade under the bottom line of the eyelash. Let's start from the middle to the outside corner of the eye.

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