How to get blemish skin at home / Types of Skin

How to get blemish skin at home: 
Wash your face first. Then dry the face with light hand.
Then put a tissue paper on the different parts of your face and press it. If you have a skin, then the tissue paper will bring a spoon. If the tissue paper does not stick to any part of the face nor the spots appear on it, then your skin is dry. If it sticks on your forehead, nose, or stick, it means that it is normal or mixed with skin. About 70% of women have normal skin.

Types of Skin: 

Oily Skin:
Seeing such a skin is somewhat glossy and it is often the victim of blackheads and nail acids.
Sometimes The skin would feel too hard and stretch

Normal Skin:

Such skin wipes are medium. The surface is good and structural and it's healthy coloring. In both normal skin, both the saucer is dry, when the forehead, the nose, the chest may be lubricated.

Sensitive Skin:
Sensitive skin pore are very thin. It is often the case of red and allergy. In particular, dry skin problems increase in the dry season

Dry Skin:
Such skin feels stretch. After cleansing especially skin and red spots occur on such skin. The sun is infected such skin and feels hard. It looks clear dark spot on skin. Especially see dark spot around the lips and chicks. 

Skin Care:

How we can care the skin in summer season:

Summer skin care is relatively harder than the winter because skin face lot of difficulties in this season like lace of water, heat of the sun, lights and also fast rays. Due to which its moisture ends and to get refreshing again, repeats twice. To avoid such a condition some tips you adopt for glowing skin in summer season. Wash the face with half boil water, mixed with salt or lemon or rose water and periodically used simple water to wash the face after it. If you have more heat in the air then take towel and keep it on the face slightly.
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