how to do nail art at Home

In this post describe method and also different way for nails art. 

Women dream is looking beautiful. That's why they continue to make themselves look and decorate. Today, the trend of making nails attractive and absorbent in women is increasingly promoting. Nails art is spreading rapidly in women.

Nails are decorated with different patterns according to today's fashion. It decorated with pernicious stone and gold. Due to its popularity, we see the crowds of women and young girl are on different beauty salons who design nail art, those who are making and decorate nails. 

Magnetic Nails:

A nail varnish is available in the market which includes iron-colored particles. You can put it on a nails through a magnet which gets along with this nail varnish. Decorate a nails at a time through it. Apply the first coat of polish on nails then place the magnet in its place for a few seconds then apply nail varnish top coat over it to seal the art pattern. Through this polish you can create different designs of your choice

3D Nails:

A set of polish pots, pearls and brush. Through this you can give the impression of three-D (3D) art for your nails. Decorate a nails at a time through it. Put two nail polish coats after that, then let the little pearl over it and set them through brush. Give 15 minutes to dry nails. 

Nail art reps:

Nail art reps is a new trend to decorate nails without facing any difficulty. These styles are based on different designs. You can easily stick on the nails and then you can file them according to your nails shape.

Willowt Nils:

Through this Nail varnish, you can give velvet effects on your nail. It is a set that includes the nail varnish, velvet powder and a brush. By whom, after applying the nail varnish the velvet decorate nails through applying the powder on it

New look of French Manicure:

Now the traditional French manicure named as Nail Art or nail art has been given a new looking. So forget the typical pink and white combination of French manicure and use Green yellowness base. You can give dark red or silver shad to your nails which would be very suitable for night events. 

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