How to use rollers at home

Method of Rollers setting at Home

Rollers set are basically used with different types of hair to take the base of the hairs. Rollers are also used to get the Curly hairs. It is also used to make the waves or perm in the hair. It also used as a base for hair styles.

Things are used for roller setting at home:
  1. Styling spray       
  2. Tail comb          
  3. Rollers                            
  4. Hair pins                 
  5. Hair spray                   

Method of roller setting

First of all wash hair with shampoo and after wash apply conditioner at hair. Then let it dry for a while.
So that the extra water in the hair is dry, if you have short time you use dryer to dry hair, after that apply the hair spray at the hair. Basically apply style at hair; from the middle of the front section to make the basic styling Choose around two inches wide. Or (the width equal to your roller) and straighten the hair with the help of comb and pull out of it as quickly as possible. Or Make sure you straighten out and pull out of it as quickly as possible. Then straighten hair start rolling on the roller end.
Be sure to avoid hair elasticity during roller setting.
Keep the hair straight during rolling. During rolling take care about hair straighten. Wrap the roll on the hair core when wrap your roller set up automatically.
But if you have or use a brush roller then overcome the hair with the help of pin or you will have to overcome the whole head with the help of it, Keep in mind that the width of hair cannot be less or more. If the hair starts to dry then again apply the styling spray. Let the hairs for dry, if the time is short then use hair dryer.
If you use dryer to set the rollers then make sure that hairs are cool before getting out the rollers. After getting out the rollers brush the hairs lightly and then apply hair spray.

Some useful thing you must remember during rolling hair. Keep rolling down the following steps:

  • If you want the waves or curly hair then you use the big rollers.
  • If you want the curly hair for making hair styles then you use the small rollers.
  • During rollers setting make sure the section of the hairs are same. If the section of the hairs is not same then there is a difference in the curls.
  • If you want the soft hairs and easily carry these hairs then let it cool the hair before brush.
  • The use of hard brush is better for the styling.
  • After the brush if you feel that the curls are over then you use the hair dryer with brush for same getting some straight curls.

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