How to do Facial Massage at Home

Massage is essential for health, According to the beauty expert and they believe that massage plays an important role in maintaining and retrieving the face beauty. It eliminates the toxic and also eliminates unnecessary material stored on your face. There are a lot of benefits in the diet massage.

Benefits of Massage:

Massage are not used only for cleaning the face but also used for refreshing the face. It produces a special glow on the face and removes the freckles from face due to the massage.

The other benefit of massage is blood moves towards the face which affects the muscles of the face and the skin’s growth is better due to massage. Massage also improves skin growth that’s why our skin looks more beautiful for a long time. If the face can remain beautiful forty years without massage, then massage will increase face beauty for more than fifteen years and if it is attentive then the elevated face can be kept beautiful and clean and freshness remains intact, and it becomes softer.

Massage prevents the effects of inflammation from the face, and apart from the face removing the acne and other stain spots, black nails of the face can be extracted with. The massage provides strengthens the muscles or muscles of the facial and remove the present dust in the skin and also reduces acne and nail removal process. Women who are make massage say that after being massage, it is so relaxed that we still feel the need for it.

Once sitting in front of the beautician sit down and then restores the face and the brain calm down. Pressure massage can make your face new life; if you timely inform your beautician about your skin problems then beautician can choose the right massage for you.

Even if you have any problem with the stomach then you can consult experts. They have lot of s tips and clues and give you best tips regarding your problem. 

If you have any spot and dot on your face and when dirty material goes out on the press. Then the best solution is that one glass gets mixed with a lemon juice in half the water while rising in the morning. This water will also end up the toxic from the body and also refresh your face. 

Facial massage has plenty of benefits, but before the massage you have to make some changes in your daily routines. For example avoid long conversation or any other tired engagement on telephone.

The main cause of skin problems is less use of water, those who believe that water, coffee and juices can be avoided. And they meet the necessary amount of water for the body; they are erroneous because low water consumption is a major cause of skin disorder, which causes disorders to grow.

How to massage
Women usually going to parlor for take a massage. But you can make a massage at home if you want. Its procedure is that: The facial season usually consists of four stages.
     1.      In first stage facial massage is done and after massaged then the facial is steamed.
     2.      After faical massage done then take cleansing and finally applied suitable mask to skin.

A specialist beautician says that cleansing is the starting point of the facial massage. Cleansing can occur at home but it is better to be done with a professional because they will know the right way to know your skin better.

After them, the tuning occurs, which causes to increase the blood circulation in hands and also face and neck. These movements increase blood circulation as well as eliminate the face of the fat also. It gets soft and the face freshens up.

Massage in the above sequence and take every step three times, after the massage is completed, the next step is to steam the face. For this purpose there are lot of machines available in parlors but can be steamed at home too. For the sake of how to steam at home, first, put hot water in an open pot and bend the face at pot. Cover your face with a towel so that the steam does not go out and take the face completely.
You see that your skin will clear from dirt.  If you have separate black heads on the nose and a bit, then pull them out with black head pin. The face will be cleaned.
Now take a “Deep Cleansing”, deep cleansing is available for a variety of skarabs in the market. Put it on the face in the shape of the dots and massage with some few drops of water on the face for five minutes. 

The last step is to put the mask on face. It not only closes the face freckles, but skin becomes very shiny and beautiful. Mask can also make in domestic ways.
Choose the mask according to your skin. Mask is applied to the whole face except eyes and lips. Do not talk during this time. Leaving the body completely loose and close the eyes. When the mask gets dry, drag it slightly to the top. It will drop in the shape of your face.
Some masks are such that the face wash then they remove for this use cool water for it. Finally, apply tonner on the face. The facial massage process is complete.  


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