How to do cap streaking at home and parlor

Method of Cap streaking hair at home / parlor

Item's, used in this method:

  • Apron                                         
  • Towel                                         
  • Cotton                                        
  • Shampoo                                    
  • Hair Brush                          
  • Tail comb                            
  • Section pins                        
  • After color Shampoo         
  • Gloves                                
  • Colour Brush                      
  • Bowl                                   
  • Conditioner Dye Colour  
  • Develper                          
  • Bleach Powder                
  • Green Colour                  

  • First of all, wash the customer hair /  hair with shampoo then dry up. Make a straight line between hair and climb up the streaking cap at hair. Take out the hair from streaking cap hole. Put powder on hair with the help of dry cotton.

  • Then apply the lotion made from bleach at hair. Now climb up the shower cap and leave it for approximately 10-15 minute. After 10-15 minute then apply the color as your customer choice and now remove the cap from hair and wash hair with shampoo and dry it. Your streaking hair cap style ready and you can show on your own style with pride.

Precautionary Measures.
  • If the red pigment is high in the hair, then mix the green color in the cut down paste. Do not take the paste in the hair for a long time, after streaking, do the conditioning in the hair, do not use the drawer after streaking.

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