how to use mehdi for health

Mehndi or heena, is broadly used in Pakistan especially on auspicious events like weddings, religious ceremonies etc. This is an art  which is a very crucial part of Pakistan marriages.
The use of mehndi isn't always restrained to simply colouring or tattooing. It is blessings are vast. We could examine a number of the blessings of Mehndi -

  1. Mehndi leaves can treat baldness. Warmth 250gm of mustard oil with 60gm of mehendi leaves. Then pressure the leaves and save the oil in a tumbler field. Ordinary use of this oil can beautify increase of hair.
  2. The leaves of this plant are very good remedy for greasy hair. Henna is implemented at the hair and left to dry for three hours. Then washed off with water. After the hair has dried, it must be oiled and left in a single day. Next day shampoo the hair and use conditioner. It's also a natural manner of colouring your hair.
  3. Henna seeds can treat dysentery. Overwhelm the henna seeds and blend it with ghee. Make small balls of the mix and swallow it with water to remedy dysentery.
  4. Henna flowers can therapy headache. The flowers are crushed with vinegar and implemented at the forehead to reduce the ache.
  5. Henna leaves are superb supply of curing warmth strokes. The paste of henna leaves take in the extra warmth of the body thus, retaining the right temperature.
  6. Boil water with henna leaves and use this water to gargle. This will therapy sore throat immediately.
  7. Henna paste is also an powerful treatment for allergic reactions.
Mehndi is the solution to almost each health disease. Nowadays numerous manufacturers promote henna however it is nice to grind it at home for first-class consequences without aspect results.
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