What is Scrub / why Scrub essential for skin

  • What is Scrub:

In this post method of scrub describe and also mentioned the method of Munshiraising and masking: 

Often the women do facial properly but they forget to scrub. Scrub refers to the skin to clean with hard way. This is the way that makes your face refreshing. Dead cells leave this way.

It is necessary to scrub once a week.  Women always use soft scrub for face skin because the use of hard scrub not beneficial for skin and damage skin quickly. You can also use home-made scrub.

Method of Scrub at Home: 

The ingredient of home-made scrub is mention below:
Peep, papeeta, cucumber, carrot, basin, Tomato, orange and lemon, their dry leaves can be used after grinding.
If you want to clean oil make up and pollution from the skin then it can include lemon juice and rose water. It will also work for your toner. 

Remember that toner is no longer needed if you have properly used a cleaner.

  • What is Munshiraising or moisturizer

There is no moisturizer for the skin to get rid of pure water and roses. The standard moisturizer in the market also gets their mixture. Apart from this, the rose water sprays are also available in the market. You can use them when you need. But by using more than a range of moisturizers, skin pore can also be frozen.

Eye cream and sunscreen:

Beauty experts often recommend using these creams in summer season. The skin around the eyes is very delicate. And it soon becomes the target of wrinkles. Eye cream protects this section. Must use of eye cream as well as sun glasses after take out any place especially in the summer season because sun rays, heat affect your skin. The sunscreen use is very essential in the summer season for skin. The first cause of wrinkles the harmful rays of sun, you should start sunscreen from an early age. Its use should not be negligent.

  • What is Mask / Face Mask

The Mask is also very necessary and important for the face especially in the summer season. Its utility brings a glow on the face. Herbal mask is perfect for face. It also works as a scrub.
Women that have oily skin, they can use past of two tea spoon chickpea, corn flour and wheat flour which mixed with few drops of lemon juice, turmeric with milk or water. When these entire things mixed with each other then take out the mask on all face after few minute then wash face with water.
Multani power (local product) mixed with rose water or mix with water or you are also used milk. Let their mixture be kept face and neck for ten minutes.

The other tips is: sandal powder, dry leaves powder of lemon and orange mixed in milk or water and when their mixture ready then apply it on face and neck for a few minutes as you want.

On the other hand add a few drops of lime (lemon) juice in dry milk and mix it when mixture ready then apply it on the face and neck.

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