How to grow eyelashes fasts at home


Eyelashes are any of the short hairs that grow along the edges of the eyelids.
Your lashes just like your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. And it is this keratin that determines the density length and darkness of the lashes.
Repeated strokes of kohl, fake lashes, and many coats of mascara, is not the only way to get that dramatic exotic eye effect. in this post some method discussed what to do to grow eyelashes fast at home. 

Home remedies, how to make eyelashes Longer. 

some method mentioned below regarding how can eyelashes grow faster at home in a week. 

Petroleum Jelly:

 It's a strong emollient, which nourishes the lashes and prevents it from breakage.Apply petroleum jelly with a new mascara 
brush .Sleeping with the petroleum jelly oat your eyelashes.Take a swab of the petroleum jelly on your index finger and thumb finger. Apply a thin coat on your lashes. Massage the remaining of it to your eyelids and skin under your eyes. 

Eyelid massage:

Massage your eyelids gently can increase blood flow and may stimulate growth of lashes.

Brush a small amount of olive oil  +Levendor oil+Almond oilonto your eyelashes before you go to sleep. Mix 10 drops of olive oil, with 5 drops of almond oil and 5 drops of lavender oil. If you have an old mascara wand, clean it and put it out to dry. When the wand has dried completely, dip it into the solution and gently dab it onto your lashes.

 Do this twice  a day and see results within few days.

Green tea:

Applying cool green tea to your lashes with a cotton ball is also beneficial for you.

Lemon peel:

Lemon juice has a high ratio of both antioxidants and vitamin C that not just improve the lashes length, but also prevent breakage.Mix 10 drops of lemon juice with 5 drops of almond oil. Apply it sparingly over your lashes, before going to sleep. In the morning, wipe it clean with a wet towel.
Cut a piece of the lemon peel and place it inside of the olive oil or castor oil.Wait for a week and then apply lemon infused oil to the eyelids.

Coconut Milk:

 Coconut milk is a powerhouse of fats and proteins that can make your lashes twice as longer in a very short period of time.Dip a cotton ball in one tablespoon of chilled coconut milk. Dab it all over your eyes, including the lashes. Massage your eyelids and the area around your eyes for about 5 minutes. Rinse with fresh water.

Skip eyelash curlers:

In order to give your eyelashes time to recover from the damages it is highly recommended to skip eyelashes curlers for a month.

Proper diet:

Intake of right nutrients and vitamins to promote eyelashes growth.

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