Uses of Coconut Oil: Coconut oil benefits for Skin

Every person doesn’t know the benefits of coconut they always says does coconut oil have benefits, in this post some coconut benefits mentioned. Coconut oil uses for body, Skin care, Food, home remedies and more.

Coconut oil is a most useful health food. Not only use as cooking oil but it has many health benefits and also used as natural medicine, it is used to extend beauty and for natural beauty treatments also. People from different location considered that coconut tree is a tree of life. According to health benefits of coconut oil, it control and balances hormones, Improved Digestion, Improves Alzheimer’s, Burns fat. It also used in Homemade Toothpaste for removing dirty bacteria.

In this regards we describes some coconut oil benefits for skin, how coconut oil benefits for skin. It is a naturally antibacterial and anti fungal, coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oils, and, well, it smells like cookies. It is natural Skin Moisturizer. It reduces the Wrinkle around eyes because it has ability to extend your skin freshness.

Use of Coconut oil for Skin is very beneficial because it absorbs quickly and it makes your Skin silky smooth. For this, when you wash your face with water normally after washing your face dry with a towel then apply small amount of Coconut Oil to your face early morning and also night as moisturizer. You can also use Coconut Oil for full body as moisturizer. You can use Coconut Oil as massage oil. Coconut Oil uses to clean and for tones skin. It can reduce Acne also.

How to apply on Face:

Prepare schedule to apply it every morning and night. Just put a small amount of Coconut Oil on fingertip then scrub all over your face with it. If you have gently scrub your face and have good quality Coconut Oil then your skin look growing.

 Some other benefits of coconut oil are listed below:

1.       Wash the face with coconut oil instead of soap
2.       It works as a body moisturizer
3.       It works as a hair conditioner
4.       It works as a sun screen
5.       It works as a massage oil
6.       It works as a supplement
7.       It reduce scars
8.       It has ability to soften cracked heels
9.       To treat for lice
10.   It works as a Hair Serum
11.   It has ability to treat fungal infection
12.   To bake with in place of butter
13.   It works as a makeup remover
14.   It used in a Cough Syrup
15.   As a natural remedy for Diaper Rash
16.   Its use in a sore throat cure
17.   To add in protein Shake
18.   In a homemade natural deodorant
19.   To promote Hair Regrowth
20.   It has ability to protect lower high blood pressure
21.   To make your own Cuticle Hair Oil through coconut oil
22.   The use of Coconut oil, It stop Nose Bleeds
23.   Coconut oil used to prevent Nose Bleeds
24.   Coconut Oil Reduce puffiness around the eyes
25.   Coconut Oil uses as a Lip Balm
26.   Coconut Oil relieve Sun Burn
27.   You can improve your memory using Coconut Oil
28.   Coconut Oil use to make Soap
29.   Coconut Oil use to make Lotion Bars
30.   It used to remove Chewing Gum from Hair
31.   Coconut Oil use as a Hair Gel
32.   Coconut Oil remove the Stretch Marks
33.   Coconut Oil as a Shaving cream
34.   Coconut Oil use to make a Salt Scrub
35.   To make an after shave cream
36.   Coconut Oil benefit is to make a nourishing lotion for your skin
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