How to care lips in winter / Care Lips

It is just in order to easily improve your beauty by creating an attractive smile as well as one of the best ways to perform this is with pink lips. Moreover, dark lips can take place because of various reasons including humid temperatures, contact with direct rays of the sun, low blood circulation, stress, failing to eliminate lipstick. In this post some tips regarding lips care in winter, this article shows you that how we care lips in winter because in winter season our lips dry and we think that how to care lips in winter. Some suggestions are listed below.

Remove Makeup before Sleeping:

Remove Makeup before Sleeping.

Mix ½ cup of curd and ½ tbs saffron.

All the cream from curds with saffron on your lips. Leave it for 15 min and clean your lips with cold water. It will help to lighten your lips.

Moisturize Your Lips:
You have to keep your lips moisturized provided you desire them to remain healthy and hence pink. It significantly important to note that if you are going outside, attempt applying a bit of petroleum jelly or lip balm. Use some cocoa butter. 

Apply Cucumber Juice:

Slice a cucumber, rubbing it against your lips to permit the juices to soak on. Note that if you do this for five minutes on a regular basis, you can lighten dark lips to a beautiful pink color.

Mix Rose Petals in Milk:

You can just soak a few rose petals in milk for a short time. After that make use of the petals towards making a paste,  adjoining a few drops of glycerin. Dab the paste on your lips as well then wait just ten minutes before smoothly massaging it off applying milk.

 Honey, Almond Oil, and Sugar massage:

Now another perfect home remedy is to amalgamate sugar, honey, as well as some amount of olive or almond oil. Use this to your lips, massaging it only for ten minutes.

Scrub with Toothbrush:

You can use your toothbrush each night after brushing your teeth. You just scrub the lips with it as well as this can eliminate the chapped, dry skin that forms around your lips.

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